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Jasraj Reyat 

Head Of Accounts

Experience -  Has worked within the industry for a number of years and understands what makes a good party, Jas is your first point of contact and no matter what kind of party you are planning, Jas will provide you with a fantastic package to suit your event.

Sunny Chana

Co - Owner

Experience - Bartender for over 15yrs working with the biggest names in the game e.g. TGI Fridays, Hard Rock Cafe, and Shaker U.K. He has also competed in many cocktail competitions at prestigious venues such as the Road House, Masters of Flair cocktail flair competition. All this while being a two-time grand finalist at TGI Fridays for flair bartending and  U.K Grand Finalist for Best Bartender 2018. He is also the Uk 2019 mixology Grand finalist for TGI Fridays. 


Milan Gurung

Co - Owner

Experience - Hailing from Nepal, after owning a successful cocktail bar in Hong Kong, Milan is the founder of Masters of Flair which is the biggest cocktail flair competition within the Midlands. He has worked within the industry for over 15yrs, always striving wherever he is.


Alex Raditta

Event Co- Ordinator

Experience - Very passionate cocktail flair bartender with a number of years of experience working in cocktail bars. Alex is always wowing the guest with his flair tricks & creating the buzz around the bar.

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